Frequently Asked Questions

Which Linux Distros are supported?

These scripts should work on any "big" distro. They are definitely going to work on Ubuntu, Mint, Debian and Manjaro. If you have successfully tested them on other distros, please let me know (Credits).

Why is installing so hard?

Creating these scripts startet out as a personal project, therefore I'm working on the scripts during my spare time. Currently I'm not able to create installable packages due to lacking advanced specialized knowhow and time.

Why do you use certain programs?

mpv, youtube-dl, xsel, ffmpeg, libnotify, xfce4-terminal are used because they are working well with most systems =)

Why do I have to use a PPA on Ubuntu 14.04?

Unfortunately Ubuntu 14.04 uses outdated software, that's why these scripts wouldn't work if you don't use a PPA.

How can I stop the installing process?

You can hit CTRL+C

Where on the computer can you find the installed scripts

Scripts are saved at /usr/local/bin/
Icons at /usr/share/icons/
Grafical Starters at /usr/share/applications/

Where can you find the downloaded videos and audio?

By default youtube-dl stores videos in your home folder.

What are the Hot-Keys?

The installer does not provide any precofigured hot keys. You can set up your own using the given command options.

How can I deinstall VidStarter?

Simply run
sudo rm /usr/local/bin/vidstarter* to get rid of the scripts,
sudo rm /usr/share/icons/vidstarter* to get rid of the icons and
sudo rm /usr/share/applications/vidstarter* to get rid of the grafical starters.

I don't trust your installer

No problem, just take a look at all scripts and starters. If you trust these, just manually move them to the right location on your system:
Scripts to /usr/local/bin/
Icons to /usr/share/icons/
Grafical Starters to /usr/share/applications/