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VidStarter is an accumulation of scripts, which use external programs to play web-videos in mpv. This is made possible by using a graphic starter that allows you to choose different vid qualities. VidStarter works with all generally used Linux distros like Ubuntu, Mint, Debian or Manjaro…

Watch without a browser

Stream videos with mpv in the quality your choice.

Download Videos

Download videos onto your hard drive.

Download Audio

Only download audio files and save as mp3.

Less CPU usage

Stream without the help of a browser to decrease the CPU load. As a result higher quality videos can be watched on older hardware.

No Ads

As a consequence of not streaming videos on a browser no ads are going to pop up during the video.

Easy to use

VidStarter uses available Linux OpenSource programs and thus does not require any additional adjustment.


Watch the following short clips to understand how VidStarter works

Stream Video with 360p


Download Video


Download Audio



and HOW TO

  • Under the hood

    Internally: xsel reads links from your temporary storage, youtube-dl obtains the titel and download-links, libnotify displays notifications and mpv starts playing.

  • Download

    You can also download videos or save the audio file as mp3 (or whole playlists). Following the descriptions given above xfce4-terminal is going to pop up and your file will be saved in your home-folder. If necessary the file is going to be converted to mp3 by using ffmpeg.

  • Starter

    If your desktop/panel supports quicklists (Plank, Unity, Gnome3…) you can pick any of the selection options by right-clicking the main icon on your panel.

  • Other Desktops

    For other desktops there are special starters for every option.

  • Supported sites

    VidStarter uses self-actingly youtube-dl to obtain VideoURLs, that’s why it works with several websites. By default, it uses the best available quality. At the present state of development quality-options work for these sites: Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Dailymotion, Dmax
    I’m confident that I’m able to add more sites so that you can choose from more and more option regarding to quality. You can find more informations about this topic down below.

  • Add Websites with working Quality-Choice

    If you know any streaming-website that offers different quality settings and works with youtube-dl, please email (Credits) me and I will gladly add it to these scripts.
    Please also send me a message if existing sites change their video formats and quality-options don’t work anymore.

    You can check available formats with:

    youtube-dl -F url

  • More Info

    Take a look at the FAQ section.

  • Download


Download and Install

Hot Keys

Hot Keys

Of course you can start all scrips in a terminal or configure your own hot keys:

Command » Explanation » Saves Audio to mp3 » Saves Videos in the best possible quality » Streams Videos in 360p or less » Streams Videos in 480p or less » Streams Videos in 720p or less » Streams Videos in 1080p or less » Stream Youtube Videos in the best quality and if possible in 60FPS » Stream Videos using a lot of Cache and best quality (Youtube 720p)



Current Version: 0.8

Recent changes:
- improved installation script
- switched to xfce4-terminal
- Yahoo Screen removed, because it got discontinued
- bigger cache
- extra install option for Ubuntu 14.04 (PPA needed)
- improved playlist download
- Geo-unblocking (experimental)



You can download all scripts, icons and starter here and it should work with most Linux distributions.

Complete Install: This includes a install script to automatically process all required steps on
[1] Ubuntu 14.04,
[2] Ubuntu 16.04 and newer/Mint/Debian
[3] and Manjaro/Arch.

For all other distributions you can use [4] to move all scripts and icons. You have to install the following programs by yourself in order to make them work: mpv, youtube-dl, xsel, ffmpeg, libnotify, xfce4-terminal (possibly unfree codecs)

Using the Installer:
- Unpack the downloaded tar.gz folder in your home directory
- Open a terminal and switch to the VidStarter_en folder
cd VidStarter_en
- Run install script and choose the right option for you
- Now all starters should be available in your programs.

After Installation:
After you installed these scripts using option 1-4 you can choose more options from an additional menu:
- Round Icons
- Don’t close terminals after downloads
- youtube-dl updates for Ubuntu/Mint/Debian
- Uninstall VidStarter

You can install „Updates“ by downloading the new version and using the Install-script with option [4].